From the recording Leo's Guitar

Written and Performed by Izzie

Off the EP 'Leo's Guitar'


Bourgeoisie Betty's on the Beat
Sophisticated and Petite
Daddy's Princeton Princess
She's Queen of the Worker Bees...

She's got the Looks
She's Got the Dough
Suitors from Milan to Flo

Mommy said no time for Joes
But what she Doesn't Know For Sure
Is Lil Betty's Jackin up...
....the Gardener's Hose...

Baldy Daddy's payin his Dues
He's getting Slaughtered on the News
Cock-a-Doodlin all the Loot...

He's got the Bankers
The Lawyers too
The Mullah gives the Moral Cue...

Mommy said its Time to go
But what she doesn't know for Sure
Is Baldy Daddy's picked the soap up... the Hole...