From the recording Leo's Guitar

Sunday Morning Blues
I Turn on the Telly for the News

Greta's gotta burden to bear
Orange man is Raisin Hell
London's Bridges are Burnin Down
This Shit-Show is really Getting me Down

The Woman she's Yackin 'Bout the Bills
I Turn on the Radio to Shut her Shrill

Cali's on Fire and Syria's for Sale
Parisians in Yellow...Bolivian's Escape
Capitalists and Carnivores Heil their Reign
I need a Whiskey to get through this Day

A Whiskey A Lick n a Strat
A Lightnin' Record from the Past

Twitter Trolls and Insta Queens
Musk's on Mars and 'Woke' Lefties
I got Lightnin n Buddy n Wolf
I'll Play the Cats that really Lived the Blues

Zombies and Mullahs Rampaging Around
Born-Agains Wear their Moral Crowns
Your Msg of Delusion Ya Keep it to Ya
'Coz Alls I Need is my Working-Class Blues...