From the recording On The Pull (JUNE '20)

All music and lyrics written, arranged and performed by Izzie.
Vocals - Jaimie Alley
Keys - Rob Maclean


Rode into town in a limousine
Hit the bar for gasoline
Jacked a Syrian in a motel scene
She lay herself like a dairy queen
She drove me wild
Turned on the style
Then she stole my toaster
And she... fled the scene

Friday night at the discotheque
Sally's swinging with the best
She took me down to the ladies room
Chockablock, I pressed eject
She licked her lips
Sniffed off this trip
Swerved her hips and told me
Daddy'll... send the bill...

Sunday brews at the local game
Bleacher baby's she’s got the fame
She flexed herself like an alley cat
6 a side my turn to bat
She stole the show
What did we know
The sherrifs little princess
Honkin bobos the town...