From the recording On The Pull (JUNE '20)

All much and lyrics written, arranged, and performed by Izzie
Vocals - Jaimie Lailey
Keys - Rob Maclean
Harmonica - Hector


Floozie Ms. Suzie,
She's trailin' out the trash,
Cracked Up, Coked out,
Smokin' up my hash
My rocket's in the pocket,
Got my fingers in her socket
"Daddy my world wont you please oh wont you rock it??"

Juicy Ms. Lucy,
She's sellin' out her rack
We've been rockin' n' rollin' in my Cadillac
My big ten's blazin',
I'm her cow-boy from the West
When the sun came up
She laid me down to rest

Salley's in the alley,
She's turnin' up her tricks
Bust me blow me
She's givin' me the licks
Whammin n' Bammin' we've been bonin in the yard
"Baby oh baby told ya Ace of Spade's my card..."