From the recording On The Pull (JUNE '20)

All music and lyrics written, arranged and performed by Izzie
Vocals - Jaimie Lailey
Keys - Rob Maclean
Harmonica - Hector


Rockin Johnny bought an axe
A 69 Fender Strat
Sez he's gonna play his tunes
Down on Whiskey Alley Blues
But mama yells go get a job
Sez you aint got the chops
Johnny knows he's got the feel
Packs his bags and disappears
Got on the Hound
Rode outta town
Off to make...the deal... the devils deal

Rockin Johnny hitched and hiked
Got the crossroads in his sight
That's the last we heard of him
6 months on the lights are dim
One ol’ evening the Alleys rockin
Johnny and his strat come a knockin
Makes his way to the stage
Plugs his strat and let's it wail
He rocked the house
Blew the amps out
Thats when they knew he's made the deal... The devils deal

Rockin Johnny's now a star
Sells out every club and bar
All the ladies wanna piece
Makin millions on record deals
But every high has a low
Johnny forgot what he owes
Lighting howls all around
Hell Hounds tear the door down
Hear the cemetery blues
Its time to pay his dues
Now that's he's rocked and rolled... the Whiskey Alley Blues