From the recording BLOW THE LID

Music and Lyrics Written by Izzie


Roadkill Rita, Mommy used to beat her,
Never would treat her like she’s used to,
Daddy’s little sweetheart,
A quintessential dreamer
She ran away said she’ll be a winner...
But little did she know,
What lay beyond that door,
Sad, Sad tales of misery...
Naivete in hand, Said she had a plan,
Runaway baby, Wants the world at her feet

Roadkill Rita, Livin' on the street-aah
A jacket and a guitar’s all she needs
Sidewalk strummer,
The chords are-a-hummin
She plays that rock n roll just like her heroes
The people gather round,
They like to hear her sound,
Sad, sad vocal symphony...
The critics wrote reviews,
From York to Santa Cruz,
Runaway Baby, Got the world on its knees,

Roadkill Rita, Signed a record deal-aah
Plays her Rock n Rollaa by her own rules From Cobo to Japan,
She’s got a killer band,
Storms the stage n lets it rip like old school,
She took on all the odds,
Never once thought,
That she’s ever ever gonna lose,
And so this story shows,
The spirit of rock n roll,
Runaway Baby, Got the world in her hand