From the recording BLOW THE LID

Written by Izzie.


Chicken Little's flown the coop
When she saw the evening news
Capitol is burning down
Reason wears a broken crown
Hope's a lie, It's time to fly
RoboCop's parade the streets
The wanks elected Taylor Greene
You sow, You reap
This nightmare scene
Can we ever learn to heal this tragedy?

The pipers blown the lid away
On all the lies we taught our kids
Flood the school assembly line
Producing alienated minds
Break their backs
To pay the Lord's tax
Lunatics have taken over
Printing scripture on their keyboards
The sigh of science
We've lost our minds
Will we ever learn to see the lies we preach

Gotham's best has left the building
Trying to make an easier living
Doomsday clock is soon to strike
Yet we preach our ancient myths
The gods are gone
We're on our own
Lost at sea bereft of dreams
Horizon fades away it seems
The wild wind blows, N no one knows
When we'll ever find a way to be set free