From the recording BLOW THE LID

Music and Lyrics by Izzie


Hey hey Junior pack up your bags
Daddy's lost his home and his land
Big Wally's come to town
To take the ground
Build it brand it, mindless will come
Spend their cash
Banks have a laff
What the fuck is happenin’ in society?

I'm a man whose lost all conviction
Lost my faith to my dereliction
World i see
Not my scene
Broken bonds and walls all around me
Suffocates me
Rest my fate please
What the fuck is happening to society?

Drink my wine to stunt my emotion
Play the blues stave off my affliction
Work all day
Rots my brain
Childhood dreams get lost in the breeze
Lost in time, no...
Hope in sight
Headed down this highway for a T-Bone Crash