From the recording BLOW THE LID

Music and Lyrics by Izzie


“The runway out to Glory Street
Blocked all traffic days ago
There's no exit no where to go
Road to nowhere
No more No more

Why me? Can someone hear this?
Why me? Can someone hear me?
Why me? Can someone feel the Moment when I fell today...

and then only can you feel
and then only will you believe...

The words I prayed for heavens sake,
When all my angels left today
Some flew away, Some sailed away
Some fell from grace no one to blame...

I loved her soul what I wouldn‟t do
To be the journey that she took
To be the moment when she cried
To be the wisdom in her eyes
To be the sunrise in her night
To be the star that makes things right
To be her love on an infinite day
To be the star on which she prays
To be...Just once again...
To be with you...Just once again...